Bearded Mug Media's own Bryan McCarthy

My name is Bryan and I’ve been into cars for my entire life. My earliest automotive memories include my Papa’s old black Pontiac, a neighbor’s Ford Tempo and a friend of the family’s blue VW Beetle. My first car was a hand-me-down 1987 Toyota Corolla that was in mint condition, until one unfortunate morning I pushed the limits of the skinny tires too far. A 1989 Toyota Supra Sport Roof replaced that for about a year and afterwards, it's been a string of VWs, including a 20th Anniversary GTI in the best color - Jazz Blue - and a 16V Scirocco, the worst and only winter beater I've owned. I am also in touch with my JDM side, keeping an '81 Celica in storage until the time is right to repair the brakes and get it road worthy again.

I try to attend as many car shows, gatherings, Concours, cruise-ins and impromptu meets as possible and take pictures when I do so. I’ve been into photography for over a decade and am proud of how I’ve honed my style in the last year, and continue to do so with each opportunity I get. Writing has been a passion of mine since college and I am eager to start creating in that medium again. I’ve had a few things published on a national level with some of my images to accompany them. I drive Volkswagens and shoot Nikons.

Please enjoy the content I post and drop me a comment whenever appropriate. I always enjoy communicating with people and encourage the opening of a dialogue.